It is that time of year again … the grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and the pollen is plentiful. For many of us spring is the most beautiful time of year. For others, it is a little more difficult to enjoy — or even see — through our itchy, watery eyes. Here are some natural therapies for allergies to help all you allergy sufferers out there get outside and enjoy all that spring has to offer!

The combination of QUERCITIN (a mast cell stabilizer which blocks the release of histamine) and VITAMIN C (an anti-oxidant which acts synergistically with quercitin) works well as a prophylactic treatment (begin a few weeks prior to heading into an allergy trigger zone).

If you prefer a botanical approach, two great anti-allergy herbs are: STINGING NETTLE (inhibits the body’s ability to produce histamine) and BUTTERBUR (blocks the chemicals that cause swelling in nasal passages).

If you are already experiencing allergy symptoms and are just looking for some relief, using a NASAL SALINE RINSE (such as a netti pot or nasal spray) is an excellent, affordable & safe way to clear your nasal passages.

Another substance that improves allergy symptoms is OMEGA-3 because it acts to reduce inflammation throughout the body and supports healthy immune system function.

*please be sure to consult your naturopathic doctor or other qualified health care professional prior to using any of these therapeutic approaches in order to ensure it will be a safe and effective treatment option for you

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